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About Us

Our club exists for riders from professional athletes to those relatively new to the sport and anyone in between. We foster growth and development both as a cyclist and as an integral member of our community. Through group fitness activities, learning opportunities and our eRacing Team (ZSUN Racing), we help our members advance their knowledge of cycling and improve their performance, fitness and health in a fun, supportive atmosphere. We strive to do this while promoting and maintaining our core values.

Our Mission

ZSUN exists to promote the joy of cycling. We accept anyone who shares our passion for cycling. The membership is a dedicated group of passionate cyclists who ride, race and socialize with the goal of improving the Zwift cycling community through fair play, sportsmanship and support of one another. Our ambition is to race at all levels and reach the highest levels within any racing series or league-based events, whilst remaining true to our other core values.

Racing Team

ZSUN Racing is the home of more than 1,200 racers, from more than 50 countries, all continents across many time zones. Our teams race on all category levels, mixed, women and men. We support the WTRL Team Time Trial with up to 30 teams every week and race the Zwift Racing League in all categories. Furthermore, we support other popular racing series or events like the TFC Mad Mondays and others year round. In addition, we have a ZSUN running team that is successfully taking on the Zwift Duathlon league. We welcome members from around the world. Join the club, or drop us a line on our contact page.

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