Join the ZSUN Racing Facebook Group

Visit our Facebook group and request to join. An admin will reach out to you with more info. You may continue the registration process now by completing the steps below.

Register with

Create an account on Then join the ZSUNR club.

Add ZSUNR To Your Zwift Name

Add “(ZSUNR)” after your last name in Zwift when representing the club. For example, John Smith (ZSUNR). You can edit your name from the Zwift website, Zwift Companion app, or in-game from the Menu.

Put on the ZSUNR Jersey

If you haven’t already, download Zwift on your PC or Mac computer (other Apple and Android devices do not support jersey unlocks). Open Zwift on your computer, start a ride, then press the “P” key. Enter “ZSUNKIT” to add our jersey to your garage and equip it there.

Ride With Us

ZSUNR hosts 10 weekly group rides. View upcoming events here.

Join a team in one of our supported race series. Get more information about the leagues and series we participate in by posting in our Facebook Group, or use Facebook Messenger to contact a group admin. We will add details about our leagues on our website soon.

Register with WTRL

If you plan to ride in the WTRL Team Time Trial series or Zwift Racing League (ZRL), click here to register at Create a post in the ZSUN Racing Facebook group, or contact a group admin using Facebook Messenger for more information. We will tell you what time zones and teams are available for you to join. We’ll provide instructions on how to join the team on the WTRL website, and then how to sign up for each race. You will be added to a Facebook Messenger group to chat with teammates. Many times, teams will voice chat on Discord during races as well.

Join ZSUNR in the Zwift Companion App

See upcoming events hosted by ZSUN, join the chat, and see activities from club members. Click here to join.

Voice Chat on Discord

Join our Discord server and voice chat with fellow riders during your event.


Visit our resources page for a summary of useful links to groups, websites, events, videos, and more.